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Learning Enviroment 

for STEAM Education

i-Vulcani is a learning space that promotes STEM learning for children during the age of 3 to 8, through scientific processing, observation, and the study of the infinite states of  matter and its transformation, as well as the principles of coding and robotics.

i-Vulcani is an environment that integrate digital learning technologies with traditional techniques

i-Vulcani is a learning environment that enhances the spaces of your school and increases the potential and quality of teaching

i-Vulcani promotes an innovative way of proposing teaching and the achievement of development goals for kindergarten and primary school


i-Vulcani is a totally Made in Italy

Sabrina Bonaccini, Processes Technical Director, Socio Educativi Coopselios scs – Project manager

Francesco Bombardi, Architect and designer.

Maurizio Fontanili, Founder Play+.

Paolo Sorzio, Associate professor in experimental pedagogy at the University of Trieste.

Caterina Bembich, Researcher in experimental pedagogy at the University of Trieste.

Valentina Bologna, PhD student in physics at the University of Trieste.

Federica Marani, Roberta Prandi, Expert in educational processes Coopselios scs.

Laura Fantini, Elena Canevazzi, Atelieristas Coopseios scs.

Andrea Pagano, Matilde Mognetti, Educationalist Coopseios scs.

Daniele Barca, School principal IC Mattarella Modena.

Adriana Moschella, Representative teacher IC Mattarella Modena.

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Table for making

i-Vulcani is a world of exploration in three dimensions: developed on three vertical levels, it allows you to study scientific phenomena from different points of view and angles, through an open, flexible and unscheduled approach, driven to develop scientific knowledge and environmental education in relation to expressive languages.

Learning by Languages® educational method

National and European indications underline how important it is to bring boys and girls closer to STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math) to develop key competences that prepare them for future challenges, also linking STEM with arts, creativity and innovation.

Furniture boosted by technologies

  1. The research team that developed i-Vulcani, has developed this real learning environment that bring children between 3 and 8 years old to learn science in a unique way and make them familiar with STEM, involving kids in the exploration of reality and scientific research, through paths and contexts studied ad hoc. The natural propensity of boys and girls to explore, to manipulate, to formulate hypotheses, to transform themselves into scientific concepts, needs an "environmentally rich context". And i-Vulcani is exactly this kind of space.

Immersive and perceptive experience

It integrates different innovative technologies, which allow an immersive and perceptive learning experience using lights, colors, smells, aromas, sounds, music and much more.

Introductory training to its use

The project involves a team of interdisciplinary skills that collaborate in the experimentation to arrive at the definition of relevant learning modules in the multiple configurations made possible by the kits of tools and technologies made available. i-Vulcani is a Learning By Languages brand product from a project by Sabrina Bonaccini; Design by Francesco Bombardi; Play + production; CampuStore Technologies; Coopselios pedagogical team, University of Trieste, IC3 Modena Daniele Barca.

Scientific discovery in 3 dimensions

Developed on three vertical levels, it allows to study phenomena from different points of view and angles. Each piece is characterized by shelves equipped for STEM (8 containers with lid, test tubes, resealable doors, an LED illuminated shelf) and innovative technologies.

Solid structure and natural wood

Each piece is made entirely of phenolic birch wood with a thickness of 30 mm.

It is made with a dry system, without glue for assembly, but only with joints and millings throughout the structural part.

8 containers with lid

This table for making and STEM learning includes 8 containers with lid in the first lower part with laminated front.

The support surface

In addition to the classic light table, there is a new complexity in the possibility of investigation, through the visual relationship between the main worktop (which is in fact bright, transparent or opaque) and the floor below, fuelling a wealth of views and points offering a 360-degree sensory experience.

The upper part is distributed in 3 sectors

The upper part is distributed in 3 sectors:

1) one for housing instruments and test tubes

2) one closed with a shaped panel on the back

3) the third with 2 front doors in birch plywood.

Technological equipment included with i-Vulcani:

  • N.1 Projector with WVGA resolution and  2600lumen


    Codice: 331797

  • N.1 l Kit lens for tablet:

    o   1x Macro Lens

    o   1x Macro Plus Lens

    o   1x Micro Lens

    o   1x Ultra Lens

    o   1x Smartphone holder

    o   1x Light Source

    o   1x Sponge

    Codice: 318970

  • N.1 Digital Microscop digitale 2M pixels USB

    (10X ~ 200X)

    LED Lightning

    Accessories Included: Adjustable stand, software

    Codice: 323737


The diameter of i-Vulcani is 140 cm wide with a height of 190 cm which becomes 202 cm

with rubber wheels with a diameter of 12 cm.

Product dimensions

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